Hello, and welcome! I’m Julie Brown, and I’m a badass believer in cultivating the very best leadership, relationships, and life! We each have a deep capability within us to design our lives around the God-given, unique strengths and, let’s be honest, weaknesses that were born to us. There is room to embrace it ALL!

I am a Leadership Team Developer; in my role, I strategize, instigate, investigate, and, most importantly, lift my clients to their highest potential. My strategies and systems allow each team member to embrace their strengths, level up to become CEO of their own lives, acknowledge their gifts and callings, and fold those powers into the passion of the team.


In all my years of life, I have always been able to do one thing really well: to see and believe in the goodness and potential in others, and to offer strategic action steps to support them in finding a new way. I’ve spent more than 15 years in leadership and training within the real estate world. It was never any wonder that, in consulting business owners, teams, and companies, a wonderful bonus ensued: Their personal lives improved dramatically, as well.

Often, it was not something business-related that was holding my clients back. Belief systems, mindsets, limiting ideologies, or an energy leak of some kind were impacting the ways their lives and businesses were unfolding. My joy is in helping them discover their potential, so that they could turn around and be better leaders in their lives and businesses.

Today, in additional to working with high achievers, who are steadfast in creating their next best version of themselves, I consult and coach incredible business leadership teams through my 3-C system: Connect. Communicate. Create.  My calling isn’t to “train” others to do it my way; my goal is to facilitate, call out strengths, and reveal blind spots, while building a new set of ideas and awareness that initiate success for your whole team.

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